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Poetic Waxing Kit

Removes easily unwanted hair found anywhere on the body. Perfect for athletes, random patches of hair or just generally hairy dudes.

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Whether you're an athlete, cyclist, swimmer or just a generally hairy dude, this kit can safely remove any unwanted hair. It works on your body or face and - best of all - the kit can be used in the privacy of your home so no one can hear you scream Kelly Clarkson. Redesigned and now coming in a microwave-safe cup for even more convenience, Poetic waxing products are used in some of the country's top spas.

To Use: Just follow the included step-by-step directions. Very simple.
  1. Made Me Look Like A Man-O-Lantern Review by Andre

    For the record, Yeah, this stuff hurts to use! But ALL waxing products do. So if you are going to rip your hair out by the roots as part of your manscaping regiment just remember the mantra…No pain no gain and let it rip! Bliss does get the promised results and will make your skin as smooth as a baby’s bottom…But one of the major drawbacks is that you will need some to help to use this product properly. It is definitely NOT for the do it yourselfer! Plus it is very messy and hard to clean up afterwards. There are other products on the market that are just as good as Bliss and you can use them in privacy of your own home and without the help of others….Moom for men being one of them. Moom is much easier to use, cleanup is a breeze and it’s a fraction of the cost. All in all Bliss is an effective product , but hard to use and way overpriced.

  2. Hair Raising Review by Rodney

    I never wax, but on a not-so-subtle tip from my girlfriend I decided to give it a go. This kit was easy to use, and afterward I applied some tend skin, which was a great way to settle my skin and prevent the dreaded "chicken pox" look.