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Mangroomer Pro Scruff Sculptor Shaver

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Mangroomer Pro Scruff Sculptor Shaver

New to the innovative line of Mangroomer tools, beard trimmer packs tons of features, hundreds of length settings and a convenient "Whisker Belly" to contain the mess.

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Packed with new gadgets and other electronic wizardry, scruff-sculpting trimmer allows guys to find the right length of facial hair and beard styling, right down to the hundredth of a millimeter. Starting with a LCD-quality screen that shows the easily adjustable length settings, trimmer allows gents to easily cut down to .03mm or keep foliage longer (up to 5mm). New "Whisker Belly" sounds quirky, but works like a charm to trap loose shavings and keep a mug clean -- and there is even a quick charge battery for extra convenience on the go. And... if hair is too thick to handle... a 'Power Burst' button is the answer, delivering more power to clipper head when those extra coarse spots call for it. Well worth the money for any guy serious about keeping a styled (whisker) shadow.

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  1. Six months battery useless Review by John

    Works ok when new. Wont get your beard completely gone like a shave will, but that's not what you're looking for here. What you will end up with will be a 5 o'clock shadow look, which is in style now so it can be pretty nice. The problem that I have with the unit is that the battery only lasted a few months before being completely useless. It won't hold a charge now. Also the hair catcher doesn't really work very well. The electronics are a little bit dicey, meaning don't get the unit wet. Maybe That's what happened to my unit if I got it wet and the electronics got screwed up. I haven't had much luck with man groomer products lasting very long though. I'm gonna try something different.