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Lab Series for Men Instant Moisture Gel

Oil-free facial moisturizer instantly hydrates, refreshes and cools.

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Daily facial moisturizer refreshes, replenishes and cools skin on contact. Delivers immediate and lasting hydration. Rebuilds moisture barrier to keep skin comfortable and balanced. Oil-free and non-acnegenic (doesn't cause zits). Paraben-free.

Size: 1.7 oz
Skin Type: All
To Use: Rub into face and neck daily.
  1. Solid facial refreshment Review by Adam

    Gets a slight knock because it is a bit pricy, but let's face it, when you hit 30 (like I did about 6 months ago) you want to keep your face as healthy as possible.

    This moisturizer is light and refreshing and delivers a cool blast to your mug that you'll grow to love. A little bit goes a long way, and I've paired it a few times with the Lab Series Triple Action After Shave with great results. Definately recommend if you want to keep your face in shape.

  2. Great Stuff Review by Carl

    Works really well, I have sensitive skin so this is really good at helping me out. It's oil free, thats a huge plus, and it's not white like most other moisturizers, so if you don't get it all rubbed in, you're not embarassed.

  3. Like a tidal wave of H20 Review by Malcolm

    Gives me all day protection and balanced moisture for my skin. Especially useful after I shave or after daily face wash.