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Kent 20T Folding Comb

Fold it right there partner! Easy-to-carry comb is always there when you need it. Handmade.

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Handmade and unbreakable, this folding comb features medium size teeth and fits easily in your back pocket. Perfect for wet, thick hair.
  1. Very nice and effective Review by Luis

    So first let's start off with the bad stuff.

    The first thing I noticed is that it's very stiff when opening and closing.

    When folded, it's hard to open if you have just applied lotion or you just put product in your hair. It really likes to stay folded and doesn't have any indent or means of getting an extra grip to open it.

    The branding and letter started fading after only a couple of days. This might be the result of it being such a tight fit when closed.

    The clip that comes on it moves from side to side and occasionally I'm afraid that the clip will break off.

    Now the good stuff.

    The medium sized teeth are perfect for my hair. It really just glides through really smoothly.

    The build quality is just great. I love how it feels in the hand and doesn't feel cheap at all.

    It bends, but doesn't break. It really is tough.

    Overall, I would say that the pros, outweigh the cons. I'm sure over time, It'll become easier to open. That was my main gripe. It's an excellent comb and I'm sure you'll love it. For people like me that have thick hair, this comb is amazing. Try it out.

  2. I love it...and so does my son. Review by Felix The Cat

    I love this damned comb. I decided to give it a shot because I could not find a sheath for my previous 99¢ comb and, boy, I am more than just pleased with my purchase. I take it with me everywhere I go because it's just so PORTABLE and it feels like it glides through my scalp versus it raking my scalp like previous comb did.

  3. It works. Review by SpencerAG

    This is a nice comb, the only issue I have is that the printing faded/wore off within days.