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Jack Black 'Mr. Fix It' Antimicrobial Wound Rescue

Superior first-aid treatment uses powerful antimicrobial agents to instantly kill bacteria and allow cuts, burns and scrapes to heal faster and stay infection-free.

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Top-notch first-aid treatment in a groovy shaped bottle is a petroleum-free alternative for cuts, burns, or scrapes using the benefits of Silver (an amazingly effective antimicrobial killing agent) to heal wounds faster and stay infection-free. Lightweight and crystal clear, gel acts as a barrier to unwanted microbe guests, while aiding antibodies as they rebuild the skin. Clinically proven to destroy pesky bacteria, fungus and mold which often thrive in gyms or workout areas, one bottle goes a long way to toward saving a trip to see the doc. Quick-absorbing, non-greasy formula won't stain clothes like so many other ointments either. Perfect to take along with to the gym or any outdoor adventure. Paraben-free.

Size: 1 oz.
Skin Type: All
Key Ingredients: Silver Ions
To Use: Apply gel to cuts, abrasions, scrapes or bad burns. Allow gel to absorb before wrapping or covering.
  1. Great Antimicrobial serum Review by Sub Scribe

    Once had a MRSA infection and was trying to prevent such a reoccurrence from in-grown hairs, shaving cuts, etc. Jack Black Mr. Fix It works great. Though not a scientific analysis, it seem to heal up sores quicker and more effectively than related products. no visible infection so I've just purchased another bottle and will buy it again.