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Jack Black Dragon Ice Relief & Recovery Balm

Versatile, pain-relieving balm soothes sore muscles, stimulates blood flow and speeds up muscle recover. Think BENGAY on 'roids.

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Pain-relieving balm is the perfect pre/post workout treatment to enhance any performance and speed up the body's recovery time. Addressing aches and pains stemming from bruises, sore muscles, backaches, headaches, strains and mothers-in-law, must-have workout treatment penetrates deep into the skin to lessen inflammation and soothe.

Part BENGAY, part Mineral Ice, part Icy Hot, treatment uses a wild concoction of ingredients like no other product before. Dragon's blood (no they still don't exist fellas, it's a resin from a plant in the Amazon) provides rich antioxidant production that helps repair skin, while Canadian Willowherb helps reduce inflammation and skin irritation. Containing 2.2% menthol as its active ingredient, cooling balm also uses MSM known for its high quantities of sulfur to naturally combat joint and muscle pain. Therapeutic cream is like a massage for sore and tense muscles. Paraben-free.

Size: 4 oz.
Skin Type: All
Key Ingredients: Dragon's Blood, MSM & Willowherb
To Use: Prior to exercise or warm-up, apply to overworked, achy muscles to increase circulation. Use balm post-workout to treat existing aches and pains and to restore newly worked muscle groups.
  1. great muscle relief Review by Derik

    Rub some of this in after a good workout and your muscles will thank you. It's like Icy Hot but from JB. I agree with Edward when he says it has a very strong Bengay smell.

  2. Big chill Review by Edward

    Stuff creeps up on you but when it hits...Wow. It really is effective at providing relief from tired sore muscles. Great for after the gym or a long day at work. You don't need too much so be careful not to overdo it. This really is Bengay on roids. Good stuff.