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Fresh Feet - The Solution For Men

Innovative, natural lotion quickly turns into a dry powder to keep sweaty feet fresh and dry all day. Mess-free.

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Revolutionary, easy-to-apply lotion turns quickly into a drying powder (give it a minute) to keep sweaty feet fresh, dry and smelling clean all day. No mess or clumps (like most powders) as the "liquid powder" quickly absorbs with ease preventing wetness, blisters and the dreaded foot stench. Natural formula uses Oatmeal to prevent irritation and Tea Tree Oil as an anti-bacterial (and freshness) agent. Freshly scented, formula is perfect for the gym or on the road. Aluminum, talc and paraben free. Hypoallergenic too.

Size: 5.0 oz.
Skin Type: All
Key Ingredients: Oatmeal, Tea Tree Oil & Aloe Vera
To Use: Apply on the feet/ankle region. Give it a minute to dry. Apply as needed.
  1. Not as expected Review by Benjamin

    I live in the Caribbean and I like to feel my feet fresh and dry. This didn't live up to my expectations. The dry and fresh sensation only lasts through the morning. It does help a little bit avoiding bad odors. I'll stick to the spray powders available at the pharmacy they are cheaper and more effective.

  2. No mess Review by Michael

    I've always used Gold Bond Powder , but if you don't like the hassle cleaning up the resultant mess from sprinkling powder all over than you will like the ease of use of this product and the fact that you apply directly to the feet and minimize waste.

  3. Good stuff Review by Dave

    Ok this stuff works pretty well and smells great, however be warned that it does dry like a powder and your feet will look like you dipped them in baby powder. That being said, my feet feel nice and dry after a day in shoes and there's not powder everywhere on your oxfords like you get when using regular powders. Definitely worth checking out