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Dovo Classic Straight Razor

Old school razor makes every shave a rewarding experience -- except for that one time you're gonna' cut the crap out of your face.

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Cut throat straight-edge razor with ebony handle looks good and shaves the old-fashioned way. Excellent for grooming mustaches and side burns. The Dovo Classic Straight Razor is a great little toy, but definitely no toy if you know what we mean. You gotta be careful with this razor and learn how to use it properly.

Size: 5/8
Point: Rounded
Grind: Full Hollow
  1. No Razor Bumps Review by Colin

    This purchase was my first straight razor. I thought it was going to be a lot harder to use but after watching a couple videos online, I got it down pretty quickly. I have very sensitive skin so using a straight razor has been astronomical in preventing razor bumps and irritation. Definitely worth the $$$ if you’re looking for a new razor and the cartridges aren’t cutting it.

  2. Dovo Straight Razor Review by Dimitris Z

    Although I didn't buy it from the Grooming Lounge, this is an amazing razor made by Dovo! You can the closest shave if you're daring and experienced enough to shave with AND against the grain. Otherwise, use this to go with the grain and a safety razor against and get the ultimate shave ever! It prepares your skin much better to go against the grain than a safety.