Double-Edged Razor Blade Sampler Pack


Double-Edged Razor Blade Sampler Pack

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Convenient pack features top selections of classic brands of quality stainless steel blades to fit that old school (but still great) double-edged razors. Saves $5-$10 too.

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The perfect shave with a double-edged safety razor begins with the right stainless steel blade. Now a gent can find what works best with this special sampler set featuring some of the best "indie" and old-school labels in the biz -- including Big Ben, Feather, Merkur, Shark and more. Each pack saves a fella $5-$10 bucks over purchasing separately.

The Value Pack includes: Astra, Shark, Big Ben, 7 AM, Treet, Wilkinson, Voskhod, Rapira and Laser
The Whole Shebang: Adds Feather & Merkur to the value pack