We’ve Got Your “Dollar Shave Club” Right Here

RAZORPIT TENEO We’ve Got Your Dollar Shave Club Right Here	If you’re a guy who shaves and has access to the interwebs, you’ve probably seen the brilliant viral video created by upstart Dollar Shave Club. In it, the founder does a great of communicating his new service, designed to save men tons of money on expensive razor cartridges by sending them inexpensively priced blades each month. It’s a great concept and the video is beyond commendable. We’ve got no bones to pick. However, we do have something a tad better to offer.

For a couple years, we’ve carried the Razorpit Razor Blade Sharpener. It’s a rubberish platform designed to clean and sharpen a single razor cartridge well enough to extend it’s life beyond 50 shaves. Being transparent, we thought it was bogus at first. Just seemed like a bunch of BS. That was of course until we tried it and realized the thing “really works.” Don’t ask us how – just don’t know. What is known is that my Gillette Mach III blades each last more than a month now with the Razorpit. It’s zany.

Anyway, the good folks at Razorpit have recently launched an upgraded 2.0 model, the RazorPit Teneo. It’s the same concept as the original, except refined a bit to enable easy razor and razor cartridge storage. No snake oil here – the ‘Pit is the real deal. And… there are color options to choose from.

Our accountant is busy, so there’s not time to tell you exactly how much this little contraption will save you. But, here’s a guarantee that if we were creating a club for it, it would be something like “25 Cent Shave Club.”

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