It’s Award Season Fellas — And Here Are Some Winners

oscar 150x150 Its Award Season Fellas    And Here Are Some WinnersLots of men’s magazines, at least the ones that remain (rest in peace Men’s Vogue, FHM, Stuff, etc.) dole out superlatives for their favorite men’s grooming items. But, there is one magazine that rules the roost when it comes to official “Grooming Awards,” and that’s Men’s Health Magazine.  For the past 1/2 dozen year’s or so, they’ve anointed their top products in every men’s grooming category — and the honors pretty much serve as the Academy Awards of our business.  Of course… sans the red carpet, bad outfits, nauseating narcissism, etc.

So, it was quite a boon to the ole’ GL pride when it was announced that Men’s Health’s editors had named our Beard Master Shave Oil as the Best Shave Oil for 2009. But we’re not here to just talk about our stuff exclusively.  Beyond our own pride and joy, we wanted to make mention of the other brands and products we carry that got top honors this year.  Here’s the passive-aggressive sales pitch on those:

 - Zirh Shave Cream  got props for its foam-less ability to hydrate and fend off irritation.

 - Lab Series Face Wash  was praised for the way its Aloe Leaf Juice preserves the skin’s natural moisture.

 - MD Skincare EZ4U 4-in-1 Facial Treatment  was compared to Swiffer wipes for the face — in a good way.

 - Jack Black Intense Therapy Lip Balm  was singled out for how it’s a no-brainer for warding off lip cancer, which affects more men than women.

 - John Varvatos Artisan Scent was said to smell downright awesome. While we don’t carry it yet, you’ll see it on the GL within a few months.

Congrats to all the winners and we’ll see you at the after parties.  Grab a May Men’s Health to see the full article.

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