Is Your Dad A Disaster?

With Father’s Day right around the corner, it’s time to start thinking about what to get the old man for his big day. Ties – lame. Sweaters – lame. Bacon-Of-The-Month Club - actually very cool. Puppy Dog Boxers – barf.

So… if we’re so smart and know what Dad’s don’t like… we should certainly be able to tell you what they do like and do want.  WRONG.  Instead, we can only tell you what THEY NEED.  Stuff you and your family will want them to have and simple items that will make them look and feel better. Without further adieu, here is the greatest and most practical Father’s Day Gift ever created:

issues kits 150x150 Is Your Dad A Disaster?

The “My Dad’s A Disaster” Father’s Day Kit $50

Sure you love the guy, but everyone knows Pops has a few personal hygiene challenges that need to be addressed ASAP. This kit gives Dad a sledge-hammer-like hint to start taking care of himself. Features a Panasonic Nose Hair Trimmer (for nasty nasal & ear hair), Balla Talcum Powder (for excessive sweating down below), an ACE Nail Trimmer (for nasty finger and toe nails) and Ritual Nature Calls (to mollify his gastric explosions). More than a $15 value as a set.

Or… get him a tie, which in no way will make his nose hair dissapear, his fingernails less green or your bathroom more fragrant. Your choice.

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