Good Grooming Is More Than Just A Pretty Face

krell underwear 150x150 Good Grooming Is More Than Just A Pretty FaceSure, getting a great shave, having quality skin and smelling sweet plays a big role, but us Grooming Guys like to look at good grooming more globally. What we’re throwing out there is that being well groomed is a lifestyle, one that also relies on how a man dresses, what type of manners he uses, what accesories he chooses to adopt, etc.  To that end, about two years ago we started chatting about what other types of products we should carry that would enhance a man’s image, style and ultimately, help him take his personal grooming up a notch. Stuff beyond lotions and liquids.

What we wanted to do is target items that really make a difference.  Products or solutions that aren’t run-of-the-mill and really have an “ah-hah” effect on both the owner and the people he connects with.  So, here’s what we came up with:

BAMBOO BOXERS & T-SHIRTSWe were skeptical and a bit weary of carrying underwear and such.  All one needs to do is check out some of the “banana-hammock” type undergarments carried by other men’s lifestyle sites to see why we shied away from this stuff.  But then, like an angel from heaven, someone introduced us to Michael J. Krell and his line of 100% Organic Bamboo men’s boxers and T-shirts. After sporting a few of his items (each Grooming Guy has his own mind you), we were blown away.  To start, the comfort is insane and beyond that, his products are anti-bacterial (nice) and more breathable than cotton.  More than anything, we were attracted to the fact that there is significantly less “adjusting” needed when wearing Mike Krell’s goods.

JACK SPADE WALLETS & GEAR: Anyone can run over to Filene’s Basement and grab a billfold, but then, you’d just be like anyone.  The Grooming Guys wanted to target some quality leather goods from Jack Spade, an indie-esque company located in a little place called Manhattan. There was just something so functional and irreverent about Jack’s items.  They worked and got noticed for all the right reasons.  So, whether you know or don’t know Jack, it’s worth checking out what he has to offer up.  Dice cases, matchbook covers and much more.

HOME FRAGRANCE: Candles are cool.  We took a survey and of both of us and agree on this (only surveyed two people).  So whether you’re looking for something to set the mood for that special night or just need something to clear out the stench, it’s time to start burning up.

To see anything and everything in our new Lifestyle section, please click here.  We’d also be delighted to hear of any other items you’d appreciate us carrying.

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