A Beard Trimmer Crockett Would Investigate

norelco qt4050 41 acu trim vacuum stubble razor6330892w1 A Beard Trimmer Crockett Would Investigate

The real mystery of Miami Vice wasn’t how Detectives Crockett & Tubbs never blew their cover in the shady, drug sub-culture of Miami, but rather how Crockett (a.k.a. Don Johnson and Colin Farrell in bad movie version) consistently maintained the perfect 5 O’clock shadow. Whether busting an organized crime kingpin at 2 AM or interrogating a prostitute informant at 5 PM, Crockett’s stubble was always sublime. The only explanation could be that he had a prototype version of the Norelco QT 4050 Acu-Trim Vacuum Stubble Razor. Perhaps?

Crockett Stubble 300x225 A Beard Trimmer Crockett Would Investigate

While the odds of that are probably slim, this is a reality now and is perfect for fellas who prefer to keep (some) scruff around. Via a contour following comb and “clear view” hair chamber, this shaving weapon enables a precise and clean trim every time. Easily cared for, the razor head’s short blades stay sharp and need no regular oiling. Gets its name from a unique “vacuum” system that captures clippings as they fall — meaning your inner Tubbs need not put out an APB on pesky whiskers taking cover on the counter or bathroom floor. This culprit is $45.

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  1. Liam
    Posted June 12, 2011 at 8:53 PM | Permalink

    Good blog, but the real thing Miami Vice did was introduce music into television in a different way. Sure the beards were there, but it was the music that made it memorable.

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