The Best Grooming Products of 2013/14

The second annual Grooming Lounge Handsome Award winners have been revealed — showcasing the best -of-the-best handsomeness-increasing solutions. Voted on by our team of expert Master Barbers, Skin Care Professionals and generally grooming-obsessed staffers, these awards are often called the “Nobel Prizes of Grooming.”  We just made that last part up, but below are the winners and you can also flip through the actual award’s book right here.


Razor: Merkur “Heavy Classic” Double-Edged Safety Razor 34C $48+

Pre-Shave Oil: Grooming Lounge Beard Master Shave Oil $21

Brushless Shave Cream: (Malin + Goetz) Vitamin E Shaving Cream $22

Brush-Friendly Shave Cream: Jack Black Supreme Cream $23

After Shave: Kyoku Razor Repair Balm $12.50

Irritation Fighter: Urth Post-Shave Elixir $40

Beard Maintenance: Bluebeards Original Beard Saver $24


Facial Pad/Wipe: Anthony Logistics Astringent Toner Pads$21

Acne Treatment: Dr. Dennis Gross Skincare Correct & Perfect Spot Treatment $28

Face Cleanser: Kiehl’s Facial Fuel Energizing Face Wash$20

Face Scrub: Urth Face Scrub $38

Eye Cream: Zirh Platinum Revive $75

Oil Control Solution: Anthony Logistics Instant Fix Oil Control $28

Toner: Ursa Major 4-in-1 Essential Face Tonic $24

Sunscreen: Jack Black Oil-Free Sun Guard Very Water Resistant Sunscreen SPF 45 $21

Face Mask: Kyoku for Men Lava Masque $22.50

Moisturizer: MenScience Advanced Face Lotion $39

Anti-Aging Solution: Kiehl’s Facial Fuel “Heavy Lifting” Anti-Aging Moisturizer $40


Shampoo: Billy Jealousy Fuzzy Logic Strengthening Shampoo $22

Conditioner: (Malin + Goetz) Cilantro Conditioner $22

Styling Aid: Grooming Lounge Some Hair Stuff $18

Styling Aid: Grooming Lounge Some Hair Cream $18

Hair Loss Shampoo: DS Laboratories Revita Stimulating Hair Growth Shampoo $31

Hair Loss Treatment: DS Laboratories Spectral DNC-S $56


Tooth Whitener: Supersmile Professional Whitening System $36

Rear Cleaner: Mangroomer Biz Wipes $9.50

Private’s Powder: Balla Powder For Men $15

Nose Hair Trimmer: Mangroomer Pro Stainless Steel Detail Groomer $40

Body Trimmer: Mangroomer Ultimate Pro Body Groomer and Trimmer $59.95

Deodorant: Recipe for Men Antiperspirant Deodorant $22

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Candy Not Even Worth Stealing From Your Kids

Nothing gets me saltier than covertly reaching into my child’s Halloween bag and unearthing one of the dregs of modern candy culture. And while performing a seamless intra-bag swap-out is something I’ve become quite good at, such exchanges wouldn’t be necessary if selfish folks would cease passing out the following sub-par Halloween treats:

  • Popcorn Balls
  • Smarties
  • Raisinettes
  • Werther’s Original
  • Good & Plenty
  • Dots
  • Whoppers
  • Butterscotches
  • Necco Wafers
  • Circus Peanuts

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10 Men Who Are Great Role Models

There are probably some skeletons in each of these gents’ closets, but let’s ignore those for a moment and just focus on their qualities worth emulating.

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7 Common Customer Service Mistakes

Blog Customer Service1 1024x550 7 Common Customer Service Mistakes
With so many comparable retail and service concepts on the market, the key differentiator and customer acquisition/maintenance tool for many businesses is their ability to provide “superior customer care.” This customer service can be delivered in thousands of different ways — so instead of listing those countless techniques — thought it might be easier to document some of the non-negotiable “no-no’s” Grooming Lounge tries to avoid every day both in-store and online. We’re by no means perfect, but this is the “never list” for our company and could benefit many other organizations.

  • NEVER USE “NO-PROBLEM”: A business should always be thanking it’s customers, but when a customer verbally shows thier appreciation via a “thank you” — the last thing they should hear is “no problem.” C’mon, you’re not doing them a favor… the customer is keeping you in business. “It’s my pleasure” or “No… Thank You” is always a better response.
  • THE ANSWER JUST CAN’T BE “NO”: A customer-centric company always has to provide options or alternatives. Sure there might be no availability for a service, reservation or product, but it’s the business’ job to at least attempt to find a different direction to please the customer. Won’t always work out, but the effort to accommodate has to be displayed.
  • LOOK THE PART: Nobody wants to buy a product or get a service from a person who doesn’t appear to practice what they preach. A slobby workplace appearance gives off the feeling that you’re unorganized, not into your job or could just care less. No on wants to buy a phone, get a haircut or be served a meal by someone who looks like a mess.
  • GUM, CELL PHONES & BOOKS — NAH: Not many things are less customer-focused than chewing gum, checking a personal cell phone or reading a book at work. Customers in person will be instantly turned off and folks on the phone will notice they don’t have your full attention.
  • ALWAYS FOCUS ON THE CUSTOMER IN FRONT OF YOU: In an ideal scenario, there would be enough staffing to focus on both the guest at the front counter and the one on the phone. However, real-world business is never ideal and thus the living, breathing person in front of a staffer should always take first priority. The customer on the phone can be put on hold or can be called back ASAP, but leaving a live customer in the lurch to deal with a prolonged phone conversation is never appropriate. Giving the man or woman with the wallet in front of you full attention is paramount.
  • PERSONAL PROBLEMS NEED TO BE LEFT OUTSIDE: While many folks in the service industry develop nice relationships with their guests or customers — it’s important to always realize that there is still a business realtionship there. Staffers should never make the mistake of burdeoning thier customers with outside noise. As nice a person as the customer might be, they are ultimately there to get a service or have an experience. Hearing about a “staffers” issues is a business killer.
  • GETTING TOO COCKY: There are always other options for consumers. Other companies can deliver an outstanding product, dinner or hair cut too. The point is that the second a company starts taking its customers for granted — and stops doing all the little things right — is the second eyes start wandering and other options are explored.

Thanks for listening and would appreciate any feedback or additional points.


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