The Mount Rushmore Of Well-Groomed Presidents

 The Mount Rushmore Of Well Groomed PresidentsWith the perfect storm of today being President’s Day and the recent sports media frenzy over Lebron James’ assertion that he’s on the Mt. Rushmore of all-time NBA stars — we fancied now the ideal time to announce Grooming Lounge’s Mount Rushmore of the best-groomed Commander in Chiefs in history.  Mind you, “great grooming” to us goes beyond just a nicely coiffed head of hair and a solid shave. It instead extends to include general handsomeness, personality, sense of style,  humor and other stuff we have a hard time explaining (but you know the gents who have it).  Anyway, with out further adieu, or even a request from anyone, here’s our big four:

- JAMES POLK: Perhaps the coolest head of presidential hair to date.

- BILL CLINTON: No matter what he did (or didn’t do), you probably want to have a drink with him.

- RONALD REAGAN: Guy was a President, Sportscaster and Hollywood star.  Any questions?

- JOHN F. KENNEDY: Style would work in any and every decade (we even think in the Jetsons’ era).

Stay tuned next week for our “Mount Rushmore of Worst Presidential Teeth.”

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Awful Valentine’s Gifts For Men

4269309890 7f5e6a379c Awful Valentines Gifts For Men

While any doofus can create a list of things men want for Valentine’s Day, it takes a special company and blog to shed light on the things NOT A SINGLE MAN is looking to receive on February 14th. Think of this as a kind of public service announcement that helps our readers avoid those uncomfortable and fake “Wow, this is really great” (when it isn’t really great) moments.

- Picture Frame
- Couple’s Picture In A Picture Frame
- Trapper Keeper Notebook
- Sweater Vest
- Air Freshener/Incense
– Coupon Book Good For “Hugs”
– Coupon Book Good For “Anything”
- Ticket To New Frankenstein Movie
- Back Scratcher
- Nintendo Gameboy
- Ice Capades Tickets

Please leave a comment if there’s anything glaring we missed.

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Six Questionable Celebrity Grooming Choices

We know these looks were universally lauded at the time and many of these men have moved on to become fashion icons. That said, with the benefit of hindsight, it’s impossible ignore that these grooming choices were seriously unpleasant.

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So you’re a guy and your face is: a) zitty b) oily c) flaky and dry d) wrinkled and lizard-like e) all of the above

Regardless of what letter best describes your precious mug, odds are good you haven’t a clue who to turn to for the products and advice necessary to right the ship.  That’s where our recently launched “Skin Profile Questionnaire” can help.  Just answer a few multiple choice questions and our grooming and skin experts will shoot back a complete man-friendly skin routine within about 24 hours.  These product and regimen suggestions will be based on our years and years of industry experience and are certain to increase your handsomeness levels.

Just click on one of the 20+ links on this post (or right here) to get going.



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