What Would You Rather? Royal Wedding Edition

Prince William Kate Middleton1 150x150 What Would You Rather? Royal Wedding Edition

Most men just don’t “get” why Britain’s upcoming Royal Wedding is a big deal. Furthermore, in speaking with dozens of men in our Barbershops and via the inter-web, it’s apparent that guys (no matter their education, income or grooming habits) are generally annoyed by the overwhelming media coverage this event is getting (it cuts into valuable MMA and Kardashian-based-reality-show programming).

So, just how bothered are men becoming by these Royal shenanigans? Well, to determine such, we decided to ask gents a simple question:

What “awful” thing would you do to avoid watching an hour of Royal Wedding coverage per day up until the big day — including watching wedding-day coverage in its entirety?

– “I’d makeout with Susan Boyle… no problem.”
– “I’d sign on as Charlie Sheen’s pro-bono publicist”
– “I’d add a new and separate set of eyebrows above my current eyebrows.”
– “I’d do the ‘Thriller Dance” at 2 PM every day for a month, no matter where I was.”
– “I’d wear a monocle.”
– “I’d be OK with Bryant Gumbel announcing all NFL games moving forward.”
– “I’d get prescription ski goggles and wear them instead of my glasses for two weeks.”
– “I’d Get the ‘Friar Tuck’ haircut”
– “I’d refer to my boss as ‘that sexy lady’ in front of him.”

Those are actual answers we received. As for me, “I’d eat a bag of Peeps (those candies), which I’m both allergic to and deathly scared of. Got anything better for us?

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  1. Brent
    Posted April 15, 2011 at 5:28 AM | Permalink

    I’d wear an OJ Simpson USC jersey on a date

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