We Have Officially Extended Valentine’s Day For The Nation

Even if you don’t live in the Nation’s Capitol region, we’re quite certain you’re aware of the weather situation here. There’s been snow, enough to fully engulf a Prius, and said snow has lead to closings for schools, government and retailers. Adding insult to injury for retailers is that this is Valentine’s Week, usually a major coup for those offering  gifts (we just so happen to do a pretty brisk business with gifts and gift cards). Most of that for us, and for retailer friends of ours, has been kaput this week.

now snow 300x168 We Have Officially Extended Valentines Day For The NationSo, ever the solution-source, we’ve decided to not let Mother Nature get the best of us or our valued consumers this Valentine’s Day. Basically, we’ve decided to extend Valentine’s Day a week for the entire country.  According to us, and feel free to jump on the bandwagon, the new Valentine’s Day is Next Sunday, February 21st. Go stock up on your flowers, gift cards, ties, rings, etc. till then. Get an early jump. We  won’t give you any grief.

You might say who is the Grooming Lounge to alter such a date?  Who the hell else is in charge? Hallmark? There’s no governing body for Cupid’s Day — so Grooming Lounge decided to step up to the plate. Give us some points for taking initiative. At a minimum, it will allow you a few days to get a proper gift.

If anyone has any questions as to how this will affect President’s Day, Mother’s Day or Father’s Day, please let us know as we’ll be taking charge of those as well.

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  1. merle stern
    Posted February 12, 2010 at 11:02 AM | Permalink

    Always the Leader of the Pack -if not the National’s Capital!
    Go Grooming Lounge!!

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