Headlines That Didn’t Make It

POOYAH1 Headlines That Didn’t Make It
We know it’s hard to believe that we actually edit out some of the “punny” headlines used to market our products and services – but it’s true. As difficult as it may be to comprehend, there are some taglines that “just don’t do it” for our team and get dropped in the virtual recycle bin, never again able to bring a sarcastic or uncomfortable smile to anyone’s face. Several such headlines were just laid to rest as we launch a travel size version of Grooming Lounge The Best Shampoo. It’s the same awesome shampoo as our big size (11.6 oz) and boasts the same great scent, minty-ness, tingle and cleansing properties, but has infinitely more options for playing off the word “little” and the “poo” in Shampoo. Here are a few headers that didn’t make it:

- Everyone Needs A Little Poo
- Honey I Shrunk The Shampoo
- Knock, Knock… Poos There
- Grab Some Poo Please
- Poo For One
- May Cleaner Heads Prevail
- Thinner Mint
- Mint Romney
- Blue Brothers
- Poo Can It Be Now?
- We Just Made A Small Poo

Can Poo top any of those?

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