We Want To Be Chaz Bono’s Official Beard Partner

chaz bono 300 We Want To Be Chaz Bono’s Official Beard Partner

In reading entertainment news lately, there’s a ton of chatter about transgender activist Chaz Bono and his participation in ABC’s Dancing With The Stars. While some groups are up in arms about Chaz’s participation, others are celebrating the courageousness of Sonny & Cher’s sole offspring. As for Grooming Lounge’s stance, we don’t want to get involved in the “discussion” here as it’s clearly none of our business. We just think people should be who they are and be happy. Grooming Lounge is pro-handsomeness. Period.

With that pro-handsomeness flag clearly out there now, we do think there is a non-political position for Grooming Lounge in this media maelstrom. Recent promotional pictures clearly show Chaz Bono growing or maintaining a beard – and since that’s our area of specialty – we are officially offering Grooming Lounge up to be Chaz’s “Official Beard Partner.” As Chaz’s Official Beard Partner, we are committing to:

1) Providing expert insight on how to continue to grow out that beard in a manner that avoids excess itching, razor burn or bumps.
2) Providing on-site beard trimming services to maintain proper beard symmetry and style.
3) Providing the shaving products needed to comfortably shave whiskers off or into any facial hair formation desired.

Should Chaz and his team be interested in accepting this offer, all we ask in return is to dedicate a Salsa, Square Dance, Electric Slide or whatever they do on that show to us. Just drop us a note at info@groominglounge.com. Thanks.

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  1. Scott W
    Posted September 8, 2011 at 10:40 AM | Permalink

    This is a great angle you came up with Grooming Lounge. Not taking a stance on anything other than the beard. Hope you get some media run with it, you deserve to — very clever.

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