Grooming Lounge “Fears The Brow” Big Time

Davis Unibrow Grooming Lounge Fears The Brow Big Time
Anthony Davis – college basketball superstar and certain NBA #1 pick – has made headlines nationwide and consequently, thrown our beloved men’s grooming industry for a loop by proudly sporting a notorious facial hair no-no. Davis claims he is not trying to make a statement — the unibrow is simply part of who he is and it’s here to stay. He’s even gone as far to trademark the phrases “Fear the Brow” and “Raise the Brow.” However, Grooming Lounge does not approve of this egregious affront to good grooming.

While we’ve tolerated frivolous trademarking of various everyday phrases in the past, we take this uni-brow campaign very seriously. We fear his cavalier attitude toward eyebrows may cause widespread disregard among the general public, causing irreparable damage to their eyebrows as well as our business and men’s grooming world-wide.

We’ve addressed this unfortunate grooming gaffe before and are once again extending our expertise on the subject in light of the Anthony Davis unibrow craze. We always say two eyebrows are better than one, but if you insist on following Davis’ lead, utilize these essential maintenance tips to avoid the Bert & Ernie effect.

The Unibrow Maintenance Guide:

– At least keep the one brow at a manageable length and pleasant shape with a targeted tweezer
– Keep it tidy with a Moustache and Beard Comb
– Clean daily with a gentle Face/Hair Wash
– Wear a bag over your head

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