Grooming For That Big Date/Important Interview

We get a lot of questions here querying how men should prepare (from a grooming perspective) for important events such as job interviews and big dates.  More so than one would think, these two seemingly different occasions are quite similar in that their success depends quite a bit on first impressions (a lot has to do with looks) and an ongoing aura of confidence and attention to detail. So with that said, here are a few Grooming Guys tips on prepping for the moment of truth:

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GET A BROW BEATING: If you’re one of the 60%-plus of guys with unfortunate eyebrow growth, it’s important to take care of those hairy suckers in advance of the “meeting.” For the more hirsute among us, a professional waxing is recommended around 2-3 days prior. This type of waxing, while maybe a bit more than most guys would initially agree to, is pretty painless and will eliminate uni-brows and overgrown “caterpillars.”  The two-day spread will ensure any redness of irritation subsides.  For those with less-severe brow issues, a solid pair of tweezers can be used at home to do the trick.

MANAGE YOUR MITTS: The first thing you offer a prospective employer or date is your hand (unless you go hug off the bat — risky) — and those hands need to show a man in the right light.  Professional manicures are always a good option, but a fellow can also use some at-home tools to clean out the dirt, grime and trim ‘em down.  Either way, some moisturizer should be applied prior to the event so the initial shake’s dryness doesn’t give a “rough” impression (sorry!).

BE NOSY: On the night before or day of, excess nose hair has got to go.  It’s a deal breaker, as women won’t want to look and it shows an employer you don’t look at the little details.  Trim that nasal bush with any of the variety of nasal tools tools out there.

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SHAVE THE DAY: Sometimes it makes sense for those with sensitive skin to take a day or two of shaving off prior to D-Day. That extra rest for the mug can help ensure razor burn, bumps or worse yet, blood, is not in the picture. When one does shave, it’s important to take plenty of time, warm the face up thoroughly with warm water and keep against-the-grain movement to a minimum.

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WEAPONS OF MASS SEDUCTION: A fragrance is good.  Too much of a fragrance is very, very bad.  When applying a scent, always remember that “less is more.”

Just our take from a grooming perspective.  Oh yeah… dress sharp too.  The guys at Bonobos can help with that.

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    This is awesome advice delivered in handsome packaging. I have had major train wrecks come in for interviews. Dates? Well, I wouldn’t accept one from someone not well groomed… Yeah, I’ve been alone for a long time. So, would you please let me know when you’ll be in Wilkes-Barre, PA so I can round up a bunch of subjects… oops, I mean male models in waiting.. for you to spiffy up. Then maybe the town would look more attractive. Maybe I could hook you up with a facade grant or something. This is all in the name of community improvement and social justice. I think there is a Nobel for that.. Thanks for following me on Twitter too @karla_porter

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