Five Things To Instantly Improve A Man’s Lifestyle

wallet 150x150 Five Things To Instantly Improve A Mans Lifestyle

Did a quick interview with a men’s magazine yesterday who was compiling an article titled “5 Steps To Maintain Good Grooming.” Gave the writer a couple of our grooming-specific “deal breakers,” but thought it might be interesting to note a few of the things we’ve learned outside the boundaries of the traditional “men’s grooming space.” Here goes…

– CLEAN IT WALLETS HOT: Take a few minutes to empty out all the old receipts, business cards, car manuals, etc. from that bill fold. Doing such will minimize that creepy wallet-bulge in pant pockets.

– SHINE-A-TOWN: While Andy Dufresne may disagree, people do notice a man’s shoes and how well they are taken care of. Get them shined professionally and be ready to walk a bit taller.

– THUMB DRIVE: Put that blackberry down. *72% of businessmen admit to writing or responding to e-mails via a mobile device while driving. It’s nutty how dangerous that can be, especially when you realize that everything can wait. “Sorry I ran over your dog Ms. Johnson, but I was writing LOL to one of my co-workers.”

– THINK SMALL: As a small, entrepreneurial business, we might be a bit biased, but there is some great satisfaction and local economic benefit in in patronizing local, family-type businesses. Not that there’s anything wrong with the “big guys” — there’s just a connection in spending your money with people you can actually see face to face.

– PISS OFF: While not real pleasant to speak of, proper bathroom etiquette while making #1 is essential. That includes men trying their best to ricochet “wizz” of the porcelain rather than the still water, thus avoiding those more audible and disturbing tinkling sounds. After all, who are you trying to impress? Others gents will hopefully return such favor in kind — making the world a better place.

Sorry for the last tip… but we’re not wrong. Thanks for reading.

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    Nice list. I used to have a fat wallet back a few years ago filled with receipts and business cards. The greatest thing I did was switch to a slim wallet the holds only my ID and credit cards. I now carry my cash in a money clip.

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