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The Octopus, The Jet Fighter & Exceeding Expectations

                          About a week back we received an online order for some shaving supplies. Sure… nothing spectacular about that as we get hundreds of orders every day (and value every one too might I add). But what made this order different was a [...]

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Our New Powder Is A Copy Writer’s Dream

Grooming Lounge just launched its latest solution, Super Powder, a talcum powder ideal for absorbing sweat, stench and more from those places on a man’s body where he doesn’t want such issues (think shorts, shoes, backs and more). We spent quite a long time developing just the right formula to stave of the chafing, stickiness [...]

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Yeah… We’ve Got One Of Those Loyalty Programs Now

As a company, one of our main goals, more so than even gaining new customers/guests, has been to retain the great guests that already do business with us.  Keep them happy, loyal and continue to give them reasons not to “shop around.”  Online, we’ve tried to make this happen by having the best selection, competitive [...]

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You Just Can’t Win Them All

We really strive to provide the best service and experiences possible in our stores and online, but they’ll always be a few who just don’t think we hit the mark. Take for instance Fabian X (name altered) who recently left a pretty rough comment in our mailbox and in the process earned himself our First-Annual [...]

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