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We Just Launched Two New & Super-Effective Grooming Lounge Solutions

About 18 months ago we started working to create a couple new solutions/products to add to the Grooming Lounge lineup.  Creating new Grooming Lounge products is one of my favorite parts of the job as I get to work closely with the barbers and skin care professionals that make our Washington, DC and Northern Virginia [...]

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The Latest Happenings At Grooming Lounge

We have a lot of good stuff going on here at Grooming Lounge and wanted to share with our readers exactly what that is.  But, since we’re so darn busy and opposed to reinventing the wheel, I decided the best way to communicate all that’s taking place is to post a new Media Release we’re [...]

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Hear Us Sing On The Howard Stern Show

It was an awesome experience once again, going in studio and presenting Howard Stern with his second consecutive “Best Men’s Hair In America Award.”  Howard and his team couldn’t have been much nicer (save for the time Howard asked me if I was a “f-ing crackpot) and here’s also hoping we were able to introduce [...]

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Recurring Handsomeness — One Click Gets You Handsome All Year

We’ve been working on perfecting a Grooming Lounge Auto Replenishment System for longer than Kim Kardashian’s first child has been alive.  No real clue how long that’s been, but let’s say around two years?  Anyway, much like we imagine her birth or any birth for that matter, it’s been a somewhat painful, eye opening and [...]

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