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Men vs. Women: Who Spends More Time Grooming?

We just completed a survey together with health and wellness site, trying to find out a bit more about the grooming habits of men vs. women.  The results are kind of surprising to most (not us of course — would put a wink emoticon here if I knew how to do that — or [...]

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Holy Crap That Survey Got A Lot Of Attention

If you’re one of the 4-7 regular readers of this blog (not including my mother, Judy, who is very proud of me), you saw our last post outlining the interesting study we just did to determine “America’s Most Handsome City.“  The results were pretty fascinating, with Seattle coming in at #1.  But what’s more interesting [...]

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Survey Results Present Country’s Most-Handsome Cities (that’s us) the nation’s premier resource for men’s grooming (that’s us bragging), who recently announced franchise opportunities for our luxury barbershop/men’s spa model (that’s us promoting), set out to determine which US city was home to the country’s most handsome men (that’s us setting this thing up). Here’s an infographic showcasing the results. [...]

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