The Gifts Men REALLY Want For Father’s Day

POWER TOOL1 The Gifts Men REALLY Want For Fathers Day
Grooming Lounge recently conducted an informal survey to see what Dad’s “really” want for Father’s Day. We let the Dad’s provide their responses anonymously and without regard for how such “wants” would be viewed by family members or society. The results probably vary a bit from what’s merchandised in the Father’s Day aisle at Hallmark – but here goes:

1. To be left alone a lot
2. Praise for being a great guy and Dad
3. Jerky (beef, turkey or deer)
4. Lap dances
5. Approval to sneeze into shirt rather than tissue
6. Back scratches upon request
7. Constantly full fridge and snack drawer
8. Less talking by all family members
9. Stuff with bacon
10. A giant power tool of his choosing

None chose grooming products, but if they did, we’d send them here.

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