Podcast Alert –The Guys Interview The MD Behind MD Skincare

dr gross1 150x150 Podcast Alert   The Guys Interview The MD Behind MD SkincareReading this headline, you might be totally unaware of what MD Skincare is or why us Grooming Guys would have reason to chat with the company’s founder. Cutting to the chase, MD Skincare is one of the world’s (no jive) premiere skincare lines and the Grooming Lounge is launching the line as we speak online (and in select stores).  MD Skincare was created by a real, live skincare Doctor, Dr. Dennis Gross, with the goal of generating doctor-type results without a visit to the doctor’s office.  You know… younger, fresher looking dermis without the crappy magazines in the waiting room, the co-pays, the blood pressure tests, etc.

Anyhoo, the full line is now available on our site and to celebrate the launch and give you some insight on the products and skincare in general, the Grooming Guys sat down with Dr. Gross to toss some softball questions at him. 

Click the player/arrow below to hear just what the Doctor had to say.

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