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Billy Jealousy Sucker Punch Face Scrub

Powerful ingredients like volcanic sand, crushed walnut shells and essential vitamins team up to cleanse and scrub away dastardly dirt and grime.

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Innovative face scrub uses a unique combo of ingredients like Tahitian volcanic black sand and crushed walnut shells to fight the never-ending battle against dirt and dead skin. Used a couple of times a week, skin is left feeling smooth, fresh and clean. Only "suckers" would use a less awesome face scrub.

Size: 3 oz.
Skin Type: All
Key Ingredients: Tahitian Volcanic Black Sand, Walnut Shells
To Use: Apply a nickel-sized amount to wet face and massage in a circular motion. Rinse well. For best results, use 1-2 times per week before shaving.
  1. Good Scrub Review by Laurence

    Slightly less gritty than Kiehl's but other than that it does a good job. I received a travel size when ordering some other Billy Jealousy products.

  2. Solid for the price Review by RJ

    This scrub definitely felt less like soap and more like grit, so be aware of that. It also got really watery by the end of the bottle. It was good to use pre-shave to get the skin ready to go. I just found the bottle to be a bit annoying to get all the scrub out of.

  3. Horrible Packaging Review by AJ

    I've used most of the scrubs on this site. As far as quality of the scrub itself, this is a very good product. I actually compare it to Urth Scrub in terms of ingredients & texture. In all honesty, I see it as a rip off of Urth. The problem isn't the product, it's the packaging. It's almost impossible to get the product out of the tube. Now I'm nearing the end of the tube and there's around an ounce of product left I can't get to. I thought about using scissors or a knife to cut the end off in order to dig out what remains but may just end up pitching it to avoid the hassel.

    Until the packaging is changed I can't recommend this product. For a similar (and far superior) product I'd recommend the Urth Scrub.