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It’s flip-flop season. They ache. Your significant other is grossed out. Whatever the reason, it’s essential for a man to take care of his feet. So, if you treat your “barking dogs” worse than Michael Vick (we know… low blow), here’s a guide to grooming those suckers.

Of course, being in the business, we’d be remiss to not point out the sheer joy of granting oneself a professional Foot Treatment. But, if you’re not into pampering yourself, we’re still down with explaining how to de-feet the problem at home.


  • Soak ‘Em Up: Place both feet in a tub or bath of warm water and soak for five minutes.

  • Don’t Be So Callus: While soaking, use a pumice stone to smooth out the bottoms of both feet. It’s OK to get the pumice stone wet – simply move it back and forth over any rough spots, including heels, sides and of course, calluses. Be patient, as it may take several sessions to remove tough, stubborn skin.

  • Start Digging: Dry both feet and with a professional-grade file, clean underneath each nail to dig out dirt and sediment. Re-wash the feet when done.

  • Cut To The Chase: Individually trim each nail with targeted toe-nail clippers, leaving thin, white lines at the tips. Start by cutting the middle and rounding out toward the sides to create a circular shape. Be careful to not cut too close, which can lead to obvious issues.

  • File Away: Once trimmed, nails should be filed to fully round them out and smooth them.
    Going in a singular direction when filing helps get the job done.

  • Be Smooth: Top the routine off by generously massaging in a moisturizing foot cream. Make certain to hit all the spots, including in between toes, on heels, the Achilles, etc.