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Q:  Why should a guy even bother taking care of his feet?

A:  Here’s a quick list of reasons men should take better care of their dogs. Summer flip-flops, comfort, odor, significant others and health. 


Q:  What’s the best way to keep feet in proper order?
A:  A regular routine of professional or at-home foot treatments is a necessity to get a “step ahead.” In absence of these, it’s important at a minimum for nails to be clipped and feet to be regularly moisturized.

Q:  What is a cuticle and how should it be cared for?
A:  The cuticle is a thin strip of skin at the base of each nail which serves as a barrier to prevent bacteria from entering the finger. Cuticles should only be cut by professionals or with targeted cuticle trimmers and should otherwise be pushed back utilizing cuticle oil and a cuticle-type stick.

Q:  What causes stinky feet and how can such stench be combated?
A:  Feet have more sweat glands than any other part of the body. Add that to the closed-in environment feet operate in and you’ve got a fragrant situation.  Such odor can be combated in a number of ways, including:

Thoroughly washing feet during each shower, including using a scrub between toes and on heels.

Using a foot powder or spray prior to placing on shoes to soak up and prevent odor.

Extreme cases may require mixing and soaking in a special foot bath containing warm water and black tea. Doing so for 30 minutes should help kill bacteria and dry out pesky sweat glands.

Q:  What’s Athlete’s Foot ?
A:  First of all, you don’t need to be able to adeptly throw a baseball or football to get it. That horrible joke aside, the primary indicators of Athlete’s Foot are moist red or gray scales, cracked/peeling skin and itching with blisters. In case you’re wondering, Athlete’s Foot is a fungus (delicious… huh)?

Q:  How can one avoid and fight Athlete’s Foot?
A:  The best way to steer clear of this nasty fungus is to keep feet clean and dry.  This might require cleaning a few times a day and perhaps a midday sock change.  Anti-fungal foot powder is also a solid option to absorb moisture and fight infection.  The most obvious thing to avoid is going barefoot in public locker rooms or showers.

Q:  What should one do if he has odd-colored toe nails?
A:  Unless you painted them yourself, get to a doctor ASAP.  Most times such discoloration is a result of a fungal infection that is best diagnosed and treated by a pro.

Q:  What can one do about abnormally hairy feet?
A:  Excess or unwanted foot hair can be eliminated with a beard-like trimmer, using a quality at-home waxing kit, or getting a professional wax. Shaving those puppies is not recommended.     

Q:  Is there a solution for tons of dead skin on the bottom of feet?
A:  Two words for you… PUMICE STONE. Grab one and go to town, shredding dead and dull skin with each furious pass.     

Q:  Should men use lotion on their feet?
A:  Only if they want them to be soft and comfortable.  Otherwise… no.