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HOW TO SELECT THE RIGHT BARBER OR STYLIST                                                  


Visit Grooming Lounge Barbershops and you’re guaranteed to get a great haircut. That said, we’re aware there’s a big world beyond the Beltway, and such being the case, wanted to provide all men with the info necessary to get a great service in their specific area. Read on for tips on how to choose who makes “the cut.”


  • Go To A Male Stop:  While a guy can certainly get a fine cut and style at a unisex salon, the best possible results are usually obtained by visiting a men’s-only destination. The barbers/stylists at such establishments definitely have a broader range of knowledge on male-specific styles, issues, options, lifestyles and more – and – the quality will be more consistent amongst different barbers/stylists.
  • Use Your Words: Personal recommendations and word of mouth are a great way to find a superior barber/stylist or shop. If there’s a friend, or even an acquaintance, with a great cut, ask them where they got it. That “friend” will certainly appreciate the compliment and it’ll lead to a solid recommendation.

  • Availability Isn't Key: Although it may be more convenient for scheduling, the shop with the most openings isn’t usually the best choice. A shop with lots of barbers/stylists standing around is that way for a reason.
  • Demand Some Style: It’s not a total deal-breaker, but finding a barber/stylist with a great personal style is essential. Just like they say “never trust a skinny cook,” men should never trust a messy or disheveled barber/stylist.



  • Hire A Consultant: A hallmark of a shop that gives a truly great haircut is the depth of the consultation. If the client is on the exact same page as the barber/stylist in terms of the desired look, the results will show it. Men should provide as much detail as possible, and bringing in a picture, although it might seem odd or obsessive, really helps the barber/stylist (it’s not frowned upon). Present a celebrity with the same hair density and texture desired -- and a stellar service is within reach.
  • Be Realistic: Don’t be offended if your barber/stylist tells you they can’t pull off the cut you want and recommends an alternative. He/she is doing the client a favor as some hair textures or head shapes just don’t jibe with certain styles.

  • Accentuate the Negatives: A barber/stylist can learn a ton when the client talks about the reasons they “didn’t” enjoy their previous haircut.  It provides a guideline of things to avoid and pays real dividends in the outcome. 



  • Think Ahead: A well-done haircut will always grow in better and last longer. A lower-quality haircut will lose its luster after about 2-3 weeks, but a well-constructed cut, with natural looking edges that complement the shape of the face, will look good for a solid month or even longer. So, although a higher-end cut might cost more up front, the long-term might see some real savings.

  • Hop On The Train-ing: For the most part, more expensive cuts will be done by barbers/stylists with lots of experience, great training backgrounds and those who participate in ongoing education. The benefits of such are more than “cookie-cutter” styles and instead, cuts that are appropriate for ones face shape, hair texture and lifestyle needs.

  • Avoid Rush-Hour: Often one pays more for the amount of time a barber/stylist spends with them.  Shops that operate as “conveyor belts” and get folks out in 20 minutes are often less focused on quality and more focused on numbers.  A good haircut needs the reverse. Creating a great look shouldn’t be rushed.