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Astra Superior Platinum Double-Edged Safety Blades

Vintage stainless steel blades deliver a close, comfortable DE razor shave with every use.

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Perfect for traditional wet shaving, double-edged blades come in a pack of five for easy refills and weeks of clean, close shaves. Fits any double-edged safety razor handle and head piece.

We recommend replacing blades every 7-10 shaves.
  1. Good Starter Review by Kyle

    Decent Blade. Nothing especially great, nor nothing terrible to say about it. Great for someone new to DE, not the sharpest blade out there.

  2. Good Starter Blades Review by Steve

    These blades are good for DE beginners and offer a nice shaving experience. My only concern is that while shaving it seemed like the blade was getting dull by the third pass. Maybe it felt that way because of my shaving cream drying out? I have no idea, but I throw each blade after 1 shave because of the dull feeling at the end of my shave and because I like using a clean blade for every shave. Overall, I recommend these blades as a starting point and going sharper or duller if you need to, but this is a middle of the road blade that will probably work for most of the population in my opinion.