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Grooming Tips To Reduce Stress



Stress happens.  A big project at work, a visit from the in-laws, a malfunctioning Wii remote – all of it raises tension levels.  It’s no secret that such anxieties have an impact on one’s overall health.  From headaches to skin challenges, everything is impacted by ramped-up stress.

Whatever the root causes, stress can be battled in many ways, one of which is from a “grooming perspective.”  And since that’s the only angle we’re remotely qualified to speak on, here goes…


De-stressing through grooming starts with creating the right environs everywhere grooming plays a role.  Working up some thick and sweet-smelling shave lather come shave time, slathering on a calming body wash in the shower or lighting a manly candle around the abode – it all helps.  Whatever the choice of tools or settings, take slow and deliberate actions.  Stress speeds up the heart-rate and quickens breathing, so as obvious as it sounds, breathing deeply and slowly and finding that “inner Zen” is a plus. 


• The Traditional Wet Shave:  While a bit slow and methodical wedged into a workday morning, a quality wet shave (using a shave brush and all) makes for a relaxing experience.  Heat up the lather or pre-shave, whip up some cream or soap and spend an extra 10 getting smooth.  It’s a mini-vacation and both face (and mind) will thank you. 

The Candle-Light Vigil:  Candles aren’t just a romance enhancer.  Reading or meditating by candle light will help slow thoughts and relax the heart rate.  Wick it out.

• The M-ubble Bath:  While most men have popped some bubbly, they’re less inclined to bathe in it.  Lock the bathroom door after a long day and try a 15-minute suds bath. A high-quality cleansing gel can make it happen.  Rubber ducky optional.

• Spa, Spa, Spa:  Build in a trip to the spa once a month for a relaxing service(s).  Facials, massages, treatments… they all help.



Stress reduction can happen in an instant.  Give these subtle secrets a go:

Heaven Scent: Try using a unique-smelling shave cream instead of the standby, unscented version.  Besides the great shave, the new scent is a unique way to “snap out of it.”

Get Moving: Even 20 minutes of exercise a day helps. Do some jumping jacks, Jazzercise, chop wood, whatever. You'll feel better, have more energy and get better sleep. Make sure to shower post exercise though

Chug-A-Lug: Drinking ample amounts of water has been proven to keep one healthy and less stressed. So, drop the Dr. Pepper and grab some H20.

Get Out: Whether at work or locked up in the house, a quick walk outside can do wonders to clear a gent's mind. Don't question it, you've got five minutes. Get struttin'.