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Billy Jealousy Beard Envy Kit

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Billy Jealousy Beard Envy Kit

Three-piece kit has everything a guy needs to maintain a healthy, non-scratchy, thick and enviable beard.

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Three-piece do-it-all beard kit contains a wash, styling/conditioning treatment and brush to keep a guy's facial foliage in perfect order. Kit starts with an Aloe-based beard wash to soften and detangle without drying skin leaving beards silky-smooth and frizz-free. Follow with an extra-firm, boar bristle brush to get out pesky knots and those random pieces of food that always seem to get stuck. Finish off with a lightweight, Jojoba-loaded conditioner to add style, moisture and shine. Combined together, facial hair from just-past-stubble to a full-on playoff beard will look so good the Most Interesting Man in the World will be envious. TSA-approved. Sulfate-free.

Size: Two 3 oz. bottles & Brush
Key Ingredients: Aloe Leaf Juice, Jojoba & Soy Protein
To Use: Apply wash to wet beard. Lather and rinse. Brush out any tangles. Work a small amount of conditioner into palms and rub hands together. Apply into beard, styling and smoothing as desired.
  1. Just get the full size bottles. The brush is...sad. Review by Ryan Vegas

    For thirty bucks you get a three ounce bottle of each and a brush. I'll get to the brush.
    For forty bucks you could get an eight ounce bottle of each. No brush. I'd pay forty for the beard wash alone. 5 stars for quality. Jury's still out on the control, but so far so good.
    If you do the math, it's about 7.50 for each three ounce bottle. Which means I just paid 15 bucks for a Billy Jealousy boar brush. What I got, though, is a dollar store made in China brush of dubious bristle origin, one side of which feels like the brush I use to clean the bbq, and the other side of which feels like it was made from my dog's tail fur. Yeah, it's a two sided brush. Not even the same brush in the pics.
    I'll just pretend that I paid double what the 3 oz bottles should actually cost, cause feeling like I paid too much for those feels like actual retail on a quality item, and it makes me feel better about not paying for the crappy brush. Spend the money for the full size bottles. It's a better deal, and it's worth it for the wash alone.